Thursday, August 9, 2012

Summer Olympics 2012: Day 12 Update

Another great day for the USA.  Mike does a good job recapping, so I'll leave it to him. 

Day 12:

***Iceland Update*** I know some of you took the Vegas line on Iceland winning their first gold medal.  However their #1 ranked Handball team was SHOCKED in the Quarterfinals by a much Hungrier team.   The Hungry goaltender stood on his head for most of the first half, and Iceland finally fell in double overtime. 

The USA picked up a bronze medal in women’s boxing when we lost a semifinals matchup to China(both semi-finals losers in boxing get bronze).  This was an unexpected medal for us and another +1.  China was expected to medal in this event and will. In the Women’s Middle weight boxing we won the semi-finals match and will get a medal tomorrow in the event, which will give us a +1 at that point.  China got the bronze, an expected medal. 

In Women’s wrestling we weren’t projected to medal but had a women who won the Bronze Medal for a +1.  China won a medal as expected in wrestling. 

Crushing loss for our men’s Volleyball team.  They were not projected to medal but had a great preliminary round.   Oh well.  Same goes for our water polo team that got dominated by Croatia.  Not expected to medal.  This means we can’t be + in Team Sports but are projected to win 4 Gold’s and 1 sliver and all are set up in good shape to do so. 

Track and Field took center stage again. 

In the Women’s Long Jump we were projected to get 2 medals. Brittney Reese had a great 2nd jump and just chilled her way to Gold.  Janay Deloach on the other hand was sitting in 4th most of the event after a Latvian woman had the jump of her life and was sitting in third.  But Janay stepped up and in her 5th jump beat the Latvian by .01 of a Meter.  HUGE win here to hold serve.

In the Women’s hurdles we had the reigning world champ in Delmas and were projected to get 1 medal.  We had 3 racers in the event but only ended up with the Silver because a hot Russian chick won Gold.

In the Women’s 200 we were favored to get 2 medals and got 2 Gold for Felix the heavy favorite.  It was an event we could have gone 1,2,3 but Richard-Ross seemed gassed and got a terrible start.  Finally in the Men’s 110 Hurdles we were projected to get 2 medals and were the heavy favorites to finish 1st and 2nd.  We did not disappoint by capturing the Gold and Silver.   

All in all we were projected to get 7 medals and got 7.  Talk about stepping up!!!! 

That said according to my projections I think we are looking pretty good.  I think as a secondary benefit we should be shooting for 100 overall medals and beating China in the Gold Category. 

Thursday Day 13:

Both China and the USA have boxers in Gold Medal bouts.  In Diving China is a heavy favorite to get 2 medals.  Gold Medal Game in Soccer and Water Polo so we are guaranteed a medal in those.  Two more Taekwondo events and China is favored in one of them. 

In Track in Field we have 5 medal events and the USA is projected to get 5 medals in those events.  Finally we have the USA favored in one of the two Wrestling Events. 

Day 13 projections, 5 Medals for China and 8 for the USA look for us to widen our lead and not look back!

Coming tomorrow, complete Friday-Sunday viewing/following guide. 

PS- Add one to China’s total below because they will win one in Taekwondo as expected I just didn’t feel like sticking around to see if it was a gold or a silver

2012 Olympics US Snapshot Day 12
MJ Projections
Team Sports

R4 August 10th -vs- Argentina
R4 August 9th -vs- Australia
R4 August 9th -vs- Italy/Korea
W-Water Polo
Championship August 9th -vs- Spain
Championship August 9th -vs- Japan
W Middle Sheilds
R4 August 9th Gold Medal Match -vs- Russia

My Two Cents:

Not much to add.  I'll provide the link for the daily Viewing Guide.  Definitely want to watch the gold medal women's soccer match between Japan and the US of A.  Should be a great rematch of the World Cup final. 


P.S.  Go Tiger!

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  1. Team USA is really coming on. My native Ukraine has struggled...but with three Gold medals during this year's games, we remain proud. Hope Solo rocks the house! Take that Brandy Chastain (NBC Olympic Commentator).

    Go Tiger? Ah yes, Tiger Woods, American golfer. Talk about a fall from grace. Three back already on the weekend I see. He'll fall back further, just give him time. It's what he does best nowadays. Golf is more boring now that he's divorced, but at least he's not self-destructive and awesome at golf anymore. Of all the Americans, I'm rooting for John Daly. He is a real American, just like Hulk "the hulkster" Hogan used to be.

    Final note for today - Please comment on the perfection that is 2012 Men's Team USA basketball. At least grant me that much. C'mon blogger, I'm the only one that at least makes my presence known on this "Shots of Jame-O" (origin of name?) blog. These types of social networking tools make the Olympics worthwhile to me, and I get much more feedback on the two other blogs that are slightly more comprehensive than yours.

    Regardless of the Web 1.0 nature of this blog, what a great day of action it has been. Truly great sportsmen (and women haha). On this day, I think we can all say, "hooray for sports!"