Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Summer Olympics 2012: Day 10 Update

We are back with the daily blog posts updating you on how the USA is doing in the 2012 Summer Olympics.  As always, a special thanks to my cousin Mike for generating the emails that I use as a basis for these blog posts. 

A fairly up and down weekend for the USA.  We are still neck and neck with China for overall medals.  China has a huge advantage today with the individual gymnastics events.  But we have a pretty sizable advantage in the Track and Field events, as well as the team sporting events that are still going on (W Soccer, M/W Basketball, etc.). 

No "My Two Cents" today as I have to leave the office shortly.  Below is Mike's Day 10 recap and Day 11 preview.  And don't forget to check out the Daily Olympic Viewing Guide here

Day 10:

Well Day 10 was pretty boring day for the most part.  Not a ton of medals or movement. 

Gabby blew it on the uneven bars and China stole a medal there.  We got a medal in Shooting as projected. 

Good news is 2 women boxers came up big and we got them both into the semi-finals.

In team sports our Field hockey team went out in stunning fashion losing 7-0 to South Africa.  All of the “knock out” phases of the team sports starts tomorrow or has already started. 

The best news of the day is our Women’s Soccer team moved on to the gold medal matchup.  For any of you that watched the game, might have been the best soccer game I have ever seen and maybe the signature event of the Olympics thus far.  Unbelievable end to end action…. Much better game to watch then the World Cup mens action, it was constant fast breaks back and forth. 

In Beach Volleyball the team of Gibbs/Rosenthal lost to the higher seeded Latvian team.  This is a crushing loss after being up 1-0 and having a lead in the 2nd that would have advanced the team to the semi-finals.  We lost one here because the other men’s team was favored for the gold.   

In Track and Field we lost one in shot put but won an unexpected medal back in Women’s Javilin.  In Track we won a medal as expeted in the 400 hurdles but lost one in the 400.

Day 11:

This is when everything starts to heat up.  Now that we are into knock out in team sports as well as Beach Volley ball and Boxing as well as individual events in Track and Field and Gymnastics’ it’s when the Olympics really gets fun. 

Women’s Basketball, Volleyball and Water Polo plays tomorrow.  We also have 2 different teams in the semi-finals of Women’s Beach volleyball. 

In Cycling we are favored for 1 medal.  The final 4 Gymnastic medals, we are only favored for 1 but hopefully the Gymnastic teams will step up because we have a lot of people ranked 4-6 in these events. 

In Track and Field there are only 4 medal events and we are projected to pick up 2 medals there.

We are projected to win 4 medals on Tuesday while China is projected to win an astounding 10 including 6 alone in Gymnastics! 

2012 Olympics US Snapshot Day 10
Team Sports

R8 August 8th -vs- Australia
R8 August 7th -vs- Canada
R8 August 8th -vs- Italy
R8 August 7th -vs- Dominican Republic
M-Water Polo
R8 August 8th -vs- Croatia
W-Water Polo
R4 August 7th -vs- Australia
Championship August 9th -vs- Japan
Beach Volleyball

R4 August 9th -vs- CHINA
R4 August 7th -vs- Brazil
W-Fly Esparaza
R4 August 8th -vs- CHINA
W Middle Sheilds
R4 August 8th -vs- Kazakastan


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  1. China rocks the house! I mean seriously. Their athletes are superb, and they are all fierce competitors. Watching the games makes me want to move there. They will end up dominating USA and will likely buy up more USA debt. I think USA is having an election soon, and they should pass laws that require lucrative contracts for up to 65% of all Chinese coaches. I think that could make the difference for team USA. Thanks for the update!