Thursday, August 11, 2011

Correction: I hate Tiger Woods and he sucks

For those of you who read my first post, I mentioned how I love Tiger Woods, he's my favorite athlete, going to pass Jack Nichlaus' majors record tomorrow (not even possible), blah blah blah.  Well I take all that back.

For about an hour this morning, I was feeling like a prophet.  Dude was killing it - birdies on 3 of his first 5 holes and tied for the lead.  Sure, it was early and he was bound to struggle a bit.  But things were looking up and the old Tiger was back.  On I think his 4th hole (#13) he hit a 366 yard drive where he had to hit it 330 yards just to clear the bunker.  That was vintage 2000 Tiger right there.  Not only try the impossible, but pull it off easily. 

Fast forward to now...and we see he's still 2009-2011 Tiger.  The guy who shows a brief flash of awesome only to come CRASHING back to earth with more mental mistakes than porn stars he's slept with.  Try this:  immediately after the 366 yard drive, he stuck his approach to 3 feet, made the birdie and was -3 thru 5 holes.  He then went double-bogey, bogey, par, bogey, bogey, bogey and was +4 thru 11 holes.  +4!!  He continued to struggle from there and shot a first round 7-over par 77. 

Moral of the story - Tiger is not back.  Though of course I'll continue to follow him and say things in my head like "if he just birdies the next 5 holes and makes the cut, he could win this thing!"

P.S.  The only person more irrational when it comes to Tiger Woods is my brother.  I was as furious as anyone when Tiger started falling apart today.  But I didn't go this far:

12:45pm today - @TJameson23:  "@TigerWoods your a complete mental freak on the course now.  Wake the F up and start playing golf."

I wonder if Tiger responded... 

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