Thursday, April 26, 2012

2012 LIVE Draft Blog

Welcome to the 2012 LIVE NFL draft blog.  Starting around 8pm, I will be live-blogging the 1st round of the 2012 NFL draft.  Watching the draft with me will be Colin Donlevy, Chris Ott and Brad Duppstadt.  Possible appearances by my cousin JJ, and an eventual appearance by my girlfriend Kait are also likely.

Feel free to send in questions or make comments via Facebook, Twitter or right here on the blog.

6:42pm:  Heading out to pick up wings.  The Colts are on the clock. Who will they take?????

7:28pm:  First trade - Browns send the 4th overall pick, along with 4th, 5th and 7th rounders to the Vikings for the 3rd overall pick.  Browns will reportedly draft Alabama RB Trent Richardson.  Probably afraid of recent rumors that the Bucs wanted to move up to #3 and get him.

7:34pm:  Who is going to help Janoris Jenkins carry his kids out?

7:45pm:  Great night of TV.  Flipping back and forth between Rangers/Senators game 7 and the draft preview show.  Also, what does it say about me that I'll be more disappointed tonight if Joshua Ledet gets voted off American Idol than if the Lions draft a total bust in round 1?

8:07pm:  And were off - Andrew Luck, the #1 pick of the 2012 NFL draft.  Also, the biggest dork ever to be drafted #1.  This guy makes Peyton Manning look like a badass thug.

8:21pm:  Ok, now the draft starts after Luck-RGIII-Richardson.  I'm surveying the room, asking who each of us thinks our team will draft and who we want our teams to draft.  Colin wants the Seahawks to pick Michael Floyd but thinks they will get Luke Kuechly.  Ott wants the Jets to take Michael Floyd but thinks they will get Mark Barron.  I want the Lions to get Stephon Gilmore but think they will end up trading down and taking Jonathan Martin.  Waiting on the Vikings here...if they pass on Kalil, I could see the Bills moving up....

8:33pm:  Wow, I wasn't kidding about the draft starting now.  After the Vikings trade #3 to the Browns, they take Kalil at 4.  Then the Jags trade up to 5 to take Blackmon.  Now the Cowboys are up to 6!  Who are they after?  Claiborne - or do they want Barron that badly?  The PICK IS IN....

8:38pm:  Colin:  "How do they get the names on those jerseys so fast?"  Ott:  "They must have some Vietnamese girl back there - Schefter tweets her the name and she starts sewing away!"

8:51pm:  Just got a text from Lawlor that I agree with - Tannehill is in the lead for hottest GF so far.  I know one happy guy if Carolina passes on Michael Floyd and the Bills take him...Michael Lynch. 

8:56pm:  SPOILER ALERT!  Important update!  Joshua Ledet and Phillip Phillips are safe on Idol. Whew!  Ok, back to your regularly scheduled programming.

9:05pm:  So Michael Floyd still on the board for Colin and the Seahawks...but they trade the pick to the Eagles!  This has gotta be Fletcher Cox or Chandler Jones.

9:26pm:  Quick update - the Eagles take Fletcher Cox and the Cardinals take Michael Floyd to pair with Larry Fitzgerald.  Could be an awesome know, if they had someone to throw the ball to them.  Also, unreal action going on in the Rangers-Senators game.  Rangers up 2-1 with less than3 minutes left.

9:42pm:  So the Seahawks take Bruce Irvin. Colin's reaction- "who?!?"  Not a good sign. Then the Jets take Quinton Coples - who was projected as a top 10 pick early on in the process.  We'll see if Rex Ryan can get his motor working.  The Coples pick might have been the first correct pick from my mock draft since RGIII at #2...

9:59pm:  Wing update - since JJ and Brad didn't make it over, Kait has to eat about 45 buffalo ranch wings from Aroogas.  Think she can do it?  As for the draft, the Bengals take Dre Kirkpatrick (who I wanted to slip to the Lions), the Chargers took Melvin Ingram and the Bears took Shea McClellin.  Oh, and Phillip Humber gave up 9 runs tonight in his first start after the perfect game.  Hopefully I'm playing fantasy baseball against the guy who picked Humber up after that perfect game.

10:14pm:  Great draft to have a need on the o-line!  DeCastro and Reiff still around, when most mocks had them in the top 15.  I'm hoping for Reiff here for the Lions!

10:22pm:  Good/bad situation there.  The Lions get Reiff - the 2nd best OT in the draft at a great value spot.  But the Steelers get DeCastro, the best guard prospect since Steve Hutchinson. Oh well.  And who would have thought the Pats would trade UP twice, to nab Chandler Jones and Dont'a Hightower?  Smart moves. 

10:41pm:  Semi-boring end of the draft.  Although as I type that, the Vikings trade up with the Ravens.  My guess is they are going after Stephen Hill, WR, Georgia Tech here. 

11:08pm:  And thats a wrap.  We finish the 1st round out with a flurry of trades.  The Vikings take Harrison Smith, S. Notre Dame.  The 49ers take AJ Jenkins, WR, Illinois. The Broncos trade out of #31, and the Bucs move in to take RB Doug Martin, Boise St.  And the Giants close it out with RB David Martin.

Final thoughts:  Lots of trades early and overall a super fast 1st round.  The Lions got great value with Reiff at #23 and I can go to bed happy.  Hope for the Lions to make a move tomorrow to get either CB Janoris Jenkins or Trumaine Johnson.  Good night ya'll.


  1. Long time supporter first time commenter Biggest need for the Steelers lb or ol thanks I'll take it off the air

  2. Great stuff..I like Trumaine Johnson as well

  3. Hrut - thanks for commenting. Great pick by the Steelers!

    Ryan - I saw your post AFTER the Fins already took Tannehill, which was probably the most obvious pick after Luck/RGIII. Hopefully he pans out.

    Thanks Duds. I'd love Johnson to fall. If not, maybe Josh Robinson from UCF.